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Virtual Reality Kitchen Design

Vorsehen Virtual Reality Kitchen Designs

At Vorsehen Designer Kitchens we know the key to any successful kitchen is a design which looks and feels right to the person(s) who will be using it. We understand that remodeling any room within your house is usually a big commitment both emotionally and financially, and so we want to do all we can do to assure you that the decisions you are making are right. For this reason, we have invested in the very latest 4D virtual reality software so you can literally step into your brand-new room space, trying it out before committing to buy!  


Virtual Reality Benefits

Alongside the 2-3 life-like designs we provide as standard, our clients now have the opportunity for a fully immersive, 4D virtual reality experience! This allows you to fully explore your new kitchen space, getting a true sense of how it will feel. For example, in a kitchen you can easily establish whether your colour choices work, how well you can navigate around the space, and whether all your cupboards, drawers and appliances are in the best place for use. Likewise, for larger kitchens, you can ‘wander’ around the room, circle a kitchen island, and explore all your chosen options to be sure they are right for you.  


Book Your VR Design Appointment Now

Offering great insight, our virtual reality kitchen software will help you finalise your intended design, or else highlight any further changes required. Finally, an extra bonus is it is free, and also lots of fun to use! 

If you would like to try out your kitchen for size through our new Virtual Reality experience then please let us know at the time of booking your design appointment, so we can ensure the necessary V.R. renders are included alongside your design.