[columns] [column layout=”three”] energy-ratingEnergy Rating – Look out for energy classification icons throughout the Website. We supply a wide range of environmentally friendly appliances.

conventional-settingConventional Setting – Used for items like sponges and cakes where the heat must be uniform to achieve a spongy texture. Recommended temperature: 170°-210° C.

maxi-grillMaxi Grill – Allows for cooking bigger surfaces than the standard grill, and greater power reduces the time required for browning food.

fangrillFan Grilling – Used when uniform roasting is needed at the same time as surface browning. It’s ideal for larger dishes such as poultry and game, when a tray can be placed under the grid to collect leftovers and juices.

turbo-settingTurbo Setting – Incorporates a turbine that distributes heat from an element at the back of the oven which ensures better heat circulation. Recommended temperature: 150°C – 200°C Grill. Get those bridies ready super quick!

maxi-grill-turnspitMaxi grill + turnspit – As the grill, the maxi grill can be used combined with the turnspit to brown larger meat pieces, as well as poultry, beef, lamb etc.

Stone-functionStone Function – Stone cook at home, the Teka stone heats up in approximately 30 minutes. Combo 45.15 has a volcanic stone (warm stone), a tray stone and tray handle as optional accessories.

telescopic-tray-guidesTelescopic Tray Guides – 3 level telescopic tray guides with 2 being extra extend plus for safe food inspection.

microwave-defrosting-by-weightMicrowave defrosting by weight – A defrost system by weight is available on all electronic and touch-control models. It calculates defrosting time according to the type and weight of the food.

digital-programmingDigital programming – Allows the beginning and the end of the cooking process from, 1 minute to 99 minutes, to be set.

halogen-lampsHalogen lamps – Exclusive designed low consumption halogen lamps are built into the casing of the chimney hood. They produce a white light with an excellent chromatic output.

frost-freeFrost free – keeps inside temperatures constant in all trays and compartments. A fan circulates air around the cabinet to create a dry environment that lowers the temperature.

fuzzy-logicFuzzy logic – The Fuzzy Logic system allows ensures a constant and exact temperature control without being regulated by the user.

spin-exclusionSpin Exclusion – The option to exclude spinning from the wash cycle for delicate items.

2telescopic-tray-guidesTelescopic Tray Guides – 2 level telescopic tray guides with 1 being extra extend plus for safe food inspection.

digital-displayDigital display – Teka integrated dishwashers are equipped with an electronic control panel that incorporates a digital display to keep you informed of selected functions.[/column] [column layout=”three”] pyrolisisPyrolisis – With pyrolitic ovens, no manual cleaning is required. Teka’s Pyroclean system heats the oven to 500°C, burning off all residues from baking, roasting or grilling.

Bottom heating elementBottom heating element – Heats only from underneath, suitable for cooking dishes with a pastry content. No more soggy bridies!

grill-and-bottom-heating-elementGrill and bottom heating element – Especially good for roasts of any size. This will cook your Sunday roast Christmas turkey to perfection every time.

maxi-grill-with-fanMaxi grill with fan – Used when uniform roasting is needed at the same time as surface browning. It’s ideal for larger dishes such as poultry and game, when a tray can be placed under the grid to collect leftovers and juices.

pizza-settingPizza setting – It heats from the bottom and back of the oven for a better heat distribution. This function is recommended for pizzas, puff pastries, pastries with fillings, etc.

slow-cookSlow cook – Slow function is a special function to prepare recipes at low temperature. It’s Ideal for food cooked in a pot such as stewed meat and fish, etc.

defrostingDefrosting – Defrosting is done through short, even cycles of hot air in two levels: high level (45° C) for meats in general and low level (35° C) for fishes, pastries and bread.

safety-lockSafety lock – 3 level telescopic tray guides with 2 being extra extend plus. Extra safety lock for security.

automatic-microwave-defrostingAutomatic microwave defrosting – Automatic defrost by time is the alternative method, available in the electronic and touch control models, whereby power varies for a more efficient defrosting.

stop-and-goStop & go – The cooking process can be paused without the need to restart the hob, avoiding food burning or overcooking.

low-noiseLow noise – Teka motors have an optimized design of both motor and fan. This results in a substantial reduction in sound levels to 41 dBA or less.

conservation-zoneConservation zone (0-3°C) – An extractable covered compartment with a sensor and evaporator which sits on top of the vegetable drawer and ensures a constant temperature between 0° and 3°C.

extra-capacityExtra capacity – The loading capacity has been dramatically improved in all Teka washing machines and washer-dryers.

fast-freezing-zoneFast freezing zone – This zone is situated inside the freezer compartment. It has three electronic independent regulation zones.

aqua-stopAquastop – Teka dishwashers include the latest Aquastop system. This signal is detected by an electrovalve which closes off the water flow.

touch-controlTouch control – Operated via touch control buttons for easy use.[/column] [column layout=”three”] fingerprint-proof-stainlessFingerprint-proof stainless steel – The opaque sheen applied to the exterior prevents grease particles from accumulating on the surface.

grillGrill – For grilling and browning, particularly suitable for low-to-medium thickness meat like sausages and steaks. Recommended temperature: 170-220° C.

conventional-and-fan-settingConventional and fan setting – Appropriate for roasts and cakes. The fan spreads heat uniformly around the oven, reducing cooking time and temperature. Recommended temperature: 160-200° C.

bottom-heating-element-with-fanBottom heating element with fan – Distributes heat from the lower part of the oven and is ideal for cakes with jam or fruit filling which only require heating from underneath. Pre-heating is always necessary with this setting.

grill-and-turn-spitGrill and turnspit – Grill can be used combined with the turnspit to brown larger meat pieces, as well as poultry, beef, lamb etc.

toastToast – The combo oven has 4 different programmes to make toasts at the same time in just 2 minutes.

express-heatingExpress preheating – The express preheating function reduces the preheating time of the oven by 60% when the oven is cold (higher electric consumption stage).

programmable-functionProgrammable function – Gives the ability to pre-programme auto cooking menus.

power-functionPower function – The power function increases the total power of the zone’s selected by 35% for ten minutes this is ideal for cooking fast boiling dishes or to warm liquids rapidly.

triple-burnerTriple burner – Fast, high output triple ring burner required for many types of cooking.

steam-cookingSteam cooking – Healthy cooking option with food retaining nutrients whilst retaining size.

anti-bacterial-protectionAntibaterial protection – A special treatment applied to the inside of the product to prevent the build up of bacteria and mico-organisms inside refrigeration.

easy-loadingEasy loading – The 30 cm wide crystal door, with opening through a button in the control panel and 180° opening angle, makes loading and unloading operations more simple.

3in1ready3 in 1 ready – This system recognises its use through sensors, blocking the salt and rinse aid intake arranging efficiently the intake supplied by the tablet.

electronic-timerElectronic Timer – Digital timing for precision cooking and energy efficiency.[/column] [/columns]