What takes place in the average kitchen

The average kitchen hosts 171 arguments and 2,800 cups of tea every year

New research has revealed exactly what takes place in the average British kitchen – and it’s not just the cooking up of culinary storms.

According to the study, conducted by a leading UK Appliance Manufacturer, the typical cook-space is host to 2,828 sips of tea, 171 arguments and – pucker up – 463 kisses. The research found 70% of Brits consider the kitchen to be the heart of their home, and the setting for many essential life events.

Three parties a year – whether planned or spontaneous – are hosted each year, with 166 drinks spilt, 182 children’s tantrums and 72 spontaneous discos (thank you, Alexa) taking place in the average cook-space.

The study also investigated the ‘male’ and ‘female’ jobs that take place within the kitchen, finding the split between who does what sits as follows:

– 65% of food-prep is taken care of by women
– 45% of the washing-up is done by men
– 67% of the rubbish taking-out is done by men

The study also explored the appliances Brits would most likely love to have in their kitchens, with a large American-style fridge (44%), underfloor heating (38%) and freestanding island (37%) topping the wish list. Just under a third (32%) dream of having a breakfast bar, 31% want a double-oven and 29% want a range cooker. Let our designer know what’s most important for your new Kitchen and Forth Kitchen will ensure they incorporate your must have item.

Speaking about the research, Forth Kitchens comments: “This research shows just how integral the kitchen is to the family home. It’s a place of treasured moments, spontaneous fun and life-changing events. Forth Kitchens has been proud to feature in family kitchens for many years, and it’s clear to see that even as modern family life has developed, the kitchen remains the beating heart of the home”.

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